The UK is currently going through the mother of all heatwaves with temperatures reaching scorching highs that have us sweating like an avocado in Shoreditch. Luckily we’ve got Elizabeth M. Drummond here to help us cool down and lap up this weather for all its worth with a new hazy summer single that compliments the scintillating weather we’re all experiencing. Her debut Crisis gave us a wondrous introduction to the world she’s crafting, filled with joyful melodies that’ll put a smile on your face whilst being contrasted the morose lyrical imagery about viewing an existential crisis. The music video even gave us a glimpse into her more playful personality, but today we get something that leans into a more ominous side of her talent multi-spectrum.

Story driven indie rock with a subtle early 90’s grunge element that’s perfect for slo-mo head banging, Congratulations is a follow up that builds even more hype. Reminiscent of the authentic lyrics that Phoebe Bridgers brings to her storytelling mixed with the hazy nature of girl in red’s halcyon sound, you’ll soon vanish into her veracious soundscape. Her visceral lyrics pack an almighty punch with her whisper like vocal containing the venom of a viper with the fury she delivers them with. Infused with a production that makes you want to deliver an ear piercing scream whilst having a silent cry, it’s clear to see that Drummond is a super talent.