Ever since her debut single Lost, the Los Angeles based musician Kyns has created beautifully crafted cinematic soundscapes. She starts off with a murmur before growing into a cacophony of evocative screams that tap into that primal instinct deep within us, letting you scream in unison in a moment of cathartic release like wolves howling at the moon. She transforms the darkest moments of her human experience into lyrical endeavours that capture the essence of her rapturous narrative into sonic marvels. Her back catalogue will take you through the whole spectrum of human emotions but The Driver offers a punch to the gut unlike anything she’s created so far.

After a year of battling chronic illness and undergoing a major surgery, Kyns was at a breaking point with her not knowing what would happen next and feeling like she was losing control of her life. Armed with her guitar, no energy and copious amounts of time she set out to write all her anxieties down to help her realise these are tragically just apart of life. Tenderly penned lyrics litter the scene to create a vivid image of her torment as her voice intimately croons with such emotional devastation that you’ll swiftly find yourself reeling from the impact. The lullaby like guitars gently bring you into her headspace, seeing her innermost thoughts in a spiral of explosive beauty as the production builds to a grand climax that will leave you awestruck.