As far as debut pop singles go, I don’t think the Swedish songwriter, performer and all around talented vocalist Ella Tiritiello could’ve had a better one. She originally garnered attention from her live performance of Avicii’s For A Better Day with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at 14 years of age. Her vocal was sublime and her performance effortlessly personified the beauty surrounding Avicii’s music, so it’s no real surprise that countless labels were after the young musician. Now, only a year later, she’s come out with a single that’s ready to catapult her into the spotlight with the likes of other Swedish pop sensations like Zara Larsson.

A beautifully serene ballad backed by her saccharine voice, Say Something is a slow burning ballad that builds into a climatic end that lifts your head up and gets you ready to take on the world. We opening with a ethereal piano backed by delicate vocals communicating the sentimental nature of her story driven lyrics, all before drums, violins and what feels like an entire orchestra arrive into the mix. From that moment on her vocals go from angelic to something with a bit more grit in them, having a compelling growl that adds an extra punch to the stirring number. It rises, it falls, it makes you go through a whole raft of emotions and, most importantly of all, makes Ella Tiritiello someone you’ll want to keep a close eye on.