The young artist Kurtis has a very noble pursuit when it comes to his music. His main goal has always been to reach an audience who doesn’t feel seen, turning his own struggles with depression and troubles with anxiety into tracks of solace to let them know they’re not alone. Whoever you are, he sees you even if you don’t see yourself. This alone is why I find his music so captivating, each track contains a strong sense relatability that comes from his honest lyrical portrayal of his issues. He doesn’t try to masquerade it all behind a mask, instead he bares his soul to us and lets us find ourselves within his music.

To further add to this everlasting impact his music consistently leaves, centipedes arrives with a warped vocal reminiscent of the early 2000’s punk scene but with a more contemporary twist. He evokes so much emotion through his vocal performance over the booming electronics, making a strong connection that allows his lyrics to take a hold of us and find the piece of our psyche that finds ourselves within them. Impactful and poignant, this is another example of how Kurtis’ talent continues to expand.