If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to the artful sonic delicacies that Emma Rena has been putting out over the past couple of years then you know how much of a super talent she truly is. Each track she unleashes onto the public is filled with heart-wrenching emotion that is on par with the likes of Joni Mitchell and Adele, to name but a few. Her introspective lyrics weave together sonic tapestry that you can lose yourself in, admiring every intricate detail she’s put into her sonic world that’s been crafted to form an autobiographical sound where the story feels real that life itself. Her music is just that good.

Her new offering she’s unveiled today continues her seemingly never-ending string of enrapturing singles, one listen to charlie went blind and you’ll be completely hooked. We’ve all had intense crushes on people who we barely know but simply can not get over and Rena captures that feelings with such ease through her diary like lyrics. She’s as authentic as they come with her crooning the evocative lyrics with such passion that every word paints a vivid picture in your mind, all the way until the end where you’re sat there looking at a masterful work of art. The tender melodies are enhanced by the intimate production, bringing you deeper into Rena’s mindset where you soon find a piece of yourself within her outstandingly crafted single.