The transition between adolescent life and adulthood is something everybody struggles with. Going from carefree days where you were able to lackadaisically relax with friends whilst letting you worries melt away, skipping lectures by going on a road-trip into the middle of nowhere and experiencing a freedom that we took for granted in hindsight. That moment of realisation that it’s all over ends up hitting us like a ton of bricks, hitting us with the harsh reality of what’s to come in our future. Artists often attempt to get this feeling across through their music but none have done it with the same zest and fervent delivery that Emmeline has.

Stay With Me instantly cuts through the noise, piercing through the plethora of energetic pop tunes with a grounded number that is raw, passionate and emotionally evocative. Emmeline’s rap delivery of her memoir-esque lyrics was a stroke of genius, making her performance the equivalent of a late night therapy session with your flatmate as you bare your soul whilst feeling like the world is crumbling down around you. The stripped back production amplifies her emotion further, never deviating from the path set out in front of it, maintaining a sublime momentum that propels the piece forward and leaves you enamoured by Emmeline’s haunting performance.

“It’s an insight into my head at the time of moving out of uni and to a new city, navigating the pressing thoughts in my internal and external environment. It’s very much about trying to figure out that transition between adolescence and adulthood, also figuring out who you are in a new space.”