After running the artist development label X3 Records for the past two years, the frequent collaborators Kiaatti, Travy and ADG Yellaboi decided it was time to take the label in a new direction. Rebranding and Transforming the label into an artist collective where they were all able to collaborate, create and produce some stellar pieces of hyperpop for the world to hear. Each artist has previously carved out a space for themselves in the hyperpop landscape, be it through bombastic numbers featuring eruptive electronics or more emotionally intuitive pieces that have a dash of pop punk energy to them. So when you put all these artists together in one room magic is bound to happen, right? Just listen to their debut and you’ll swiftly see that is most certainly the case.

THANKYOU!’s debut HAHA opens with a warped laugh, that gives me flashbacks to The Gorillaz’s infamous single Feel Good Inc., before swiftly diving into hard-hitting beats and expressive vocal performances. Each one of the budding artists gets a chance to shine with their evocative timbre bringing the raw lyrical storytelling to life, creating a vivid sonic experience where you become a fly on the world to their experiences. You go between each one of them like you’re flipping channels, seeing a new side to a different story whilst being apart of the same sonic universe (Marvel take notes). Check out this collective to see their worth and then dive into their solo projects for more.