Valentines day is approaching which means we’ll soon be inundated with thousands of love songs. From the over the top, morose heartbreak ballads, to the sickly sweet love songs that activate my gag reflex within seconds, it’s rare you get one which understands not all love songs need to be a cliché this time of year. Enter Faaris who uses his gift of writing witty lyrics and naturally optimistic delivery to come out with one you can play all year round. So throw the roses in the bin, grab a boombox, and blast this out in public for people to celebrate love and dance their singleton hearts until they pass out.

Clueless, featuring McCASLIN, is one part Mark Ronson during his Uptown Funk era, and one part Mac Miller when he was dropping anthems like Dang. The resounding energy radiating from the production makes you smile from ear to ear as you struggle to stop moving your feet to the infectious groove. That’s where Faaris always shine though, creating feel-good rhythms with witty dialogues that make you want to pull shapes AND belt out the lyrics in unison. Easily transforming any car ride with this on into a concert experience. Whether you’re dating or single this Valentines day, be sure to pop this on.