If you had to sum up the last four years of your life into a single song it’d feel like mission impossible, then there’s Freddy Madson who arrives as our Tom Cruise and proves that practically anything is possible. The young musician feel into what felt like an endless void, questions began to run through his mind that left his mental health continually spiralling, even wondering whether his musical dreams were worth pursuing anymore. With the love of his friends, family and all those close to him though he soon found the shining star that pierced through the void, reignited his passion and love for his craft. This is the start of a new chapter in Madson’s story and his debut single Hanging in the Air has me contemplating what will happen next.

This bittersweet affair opens very much how you’d expect, a hushed guitar gently playing as his emotive vocal artfully expresses his inner torment as he falls in constant slow motion through the never ending darkness of this void. As the production grows, including halcyon piano keys, spaced out beats, and lush horns, you slowly see the lyrics turn to from a desolate outlook to one filled with optimism. We see him emerge stronger than he was before with a fresh perspective, all translated into this spellbinding debut.