Let me take you back to the early 2000’s, where pop punk was dominating the charts, parents were worried about their kids listening to the genre, and young people felt like they had a sound that was finally speaking to them. Each generation has their own brand of pop punk that speaks to them, a sound that feels unequivocally their own and something older generation won’t understand. We’ve been seeing this appear over the past couple of years, with a blend pop punk, hyper-pop, and anti-pop being the new royals for teen angst.

That’s where musicians like Gabe Moon come into play. There’s an earnest quality that radiates like the sun from his voice, it makes his brand of acoustic driven anti-pop, with a pop punk twist, a match made in heaven with his voice. Strangers showcases this with Moon undoubtably becoming the sound of many pent up, emotional, late night crying sessions. The stripped back production puts emphasis on his delivery, allowing each word to strike a chord with the listener whilst letting them insert themselves into the tale. Could easily be something that features in a future CW show or coming of age movie you’d see at an arthouse cinema.

If you’re looking for something that can fill the emotional hole you have in your music collection, look no further than Gabe Moon.