I’ve known Gabi Sklar for close to 15 years, but never in the way in which she introduces herself in her new track “Pardon My French.”

You’ve definitely come across her on TikTok, and if you don’t remember her name, you should: (she’s the artist who pounds the floor to create unique percussion on her cover videos). But there’s so much more to her than that. It takes true guts to decide to create a song that requires singing in a language that you don’t speak, but that is exactly what Sklar did. She told me that she “had a very specific idea of how I wanted ‘Pardon My French’ to be sonically and lyrically but having never spoken the language, called in Greg Shilling to co-write the song with me.”

“Pardon My French” is an unapologetic anthem that has a double meaning, one that she explains to me is kind of like saying ‘no offence’ but then saying something offensive; the title of the track, however, also speaks to Sklar trying to perfect her French pronunciation but still managing to mispronounce the words. With vocal talent like hers, showcased both in her incredibly catchy hooks and in her covers alike, I think we can all excuse her pronunciation, don’t you? It goes without saying that with Sklar’s unique sonic vision and her ever-so quickly-growing fanbase, she is one to watch closely.