It’s rare that we get a larger than life personality from upcoming artists these days who’re willing to go the extra mile and let their fans know exactly how entertainingly funny and wonderful they are. This alone is why the Nashville based band Games We Play are an utter breath of fresh air, filling ever inch of their music with overflowing amounts of personality that will have you chuckling to yourself and wanting nothing more than to grab a beer with them. Even their artist bio on their Spotify is filled with one liners a professional comedian would be proud of and instantly lets you know everything you need to about what type of music they create. It’s like a classic pop punk revival, ignoring the usual rubbish of being a clean cut star with no personality being translated and instead being 100% true to you and going balls to the wall with everything you do. Seriously, since stumbling across these guys I’ve had them on my heavy rotation, mainly because they drop nostalgia filled pop punk bangers that Blink-182 wish they’d made.

I Hope You’re Happy is a classic pissed off break up anthem. The true star of the show is that chorus, you blast this out through your speakers and you’ll be belting it out word for word thinking back to past relationships that left on a sour note. There’s even some tongue in cheek humour thrown in there, “And you think he’s a keeper, ’cause he’s got a big – Heart beating just for you,” that gave me a damn good chuckle during my first listen. It’s the perfect blend of early 2000’s pop punk with a good amount of humour, emotionally driven pain and a modern edge that I’ve been blasting on repeat since I heard it. Want to release some angst? Dive into this track and let it all flow out of you.