The British artist Humble the Great creates a sleek jam comprised of introspective thoughts discussed through his intelligent lyricisms forming an earnest ode to petty arguments and self-worth. The 21 year old has already demonstrated his natural ability at weaving together enthralling narratives, you just have to look at his discography as proof, but DON’T MAKE ME GO HOME is a massive jump up as his lyrics bring you into headspace unlike anything he’s done previously. He spins a comforting yarn that weaves in-between the nooks and crannies of mind to find that sweet spot where we insert ourself into his tale, making his compelling stories form a powerful connection that gives his music high replay value. The sweetly toned honey drizzled textured soundscape is divine. With a slick bass-line getting your head bopping, a funk driven percussion and subtle R&B inspired synths, he creates a magical experience that mixes his wondrous optimism with a playful vibe that has it swiftly entering my heavy rotation.

With an affinity for working outside traditional genres, Humble the Great is becoming one of London’s most exciting talents. Producing, writing, engineering and creative directing everything he releases, I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of him as he’s ready to keep moving forward.