A lot of ridiculously talented artists are getting slept on these days and I am really hoping that the dynamic trio grouptherapy. aren’t one of those acts as their debut album there goes the neighbourhood. fuses together this warm sense of nostalgia with bold expressive soundscapes that is a pure joy to behold. Whether it be tracks like watercolor. that sound like a modern day Janet Jackson number or found me. that could easily feature on any classic The Notorious B.I.G record but it was wish u were here. that captured my heart in an instant.

It’s a tropical R&B jam that shows off every member of this group’s talents, whether it be the lusciously toned smooth vocals that have an undeniable divine quality about them, the slick flow that dances over the lo-fi beats with absolute ease whilst injecting bucket loads of character to the piece or the rhythmic production that makes all your worries go dancing away. Each member is important to this group, all their individual talents fit together like a jigsaw that makes the perfect record as their debut demonstrates and I have no doubt I’ll be listening to it on repeat for many weeks to come.