Hadji Gaviota’s sanguine indie streak continues through to 2022 with his latest release ‘put the L in style!’, an optimistic uppity indie-dance banger that I can’t get enough of. Complete with an instrumental akin to a Verzache or Dayglow record, what elevates this track and spotlights Gaviota’s deft artistry is the eclectic vocal deliveries throughout the record.

From a soft yet strong singing style comparable to Quinn XCII, to the backing vocal auto-crooning behind the chorus, to energising shouts and rapid syncopation rapping in the second verse. This broad delivery range of Gaviota is impressive and to be commended.

The delicate pre-chorus brought artists such as Souly Had to mind, and the consistent coming of age vibe of a Justus Bennett track pairs perfectly with the uppity fast-paced drums and confidence-bolstering chorus to give us a track motivating us to shoot our shot with our friend turned secret crush. The song communicates facing this feat of rejection to a younger audience through modern social terminology and employs subtle influences of Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi, additionally raising my enjoyment.

This release follows Gaviota’s recent success with his 2021 EP, ‘PASTIMES’, and is the lead track to the follow-up release, aptly named ‘PASTIMES+’. As this is his first release of 2022, this more than deserves to make a splash in the indie-dance scene.