Written to empower the women of the world with her self love infused lyrics that will easily put a smile on anyones face, csndra’s debut single is a brief manifesto letting you know exactly what she’s about. One listen to very well and the 26 year old’s message brimming with self love, empowerment, positivity and freedom of expression will transcend onto you. Anthems like this can be very hit and miss, some going for an over the top feel and others missing the mark with the subtle style but csndra hits that perfect little sweet spot where every word she utters impacts you with her uplifting message. It’s pop music at its finest. Filled with effervescent synths buoyantly bouncing across the soundscape with her bubbly vocal filled with the charisma of a veteran pop artist confidently crooning an array of lyrics that will soon become a regular mantra for many, “I’m thick, I’m fine I’m ageing like my red wine.” A truly top quality piece of pop artistry.

No doubt that this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing from csndra this year. With her entering 2022 with a killer debut that’s bound to enter countless playlists and be played on repeat a plethora of times, she’s certainly a fresh voice to keep an eye on.

“As women in this world, everybody’s trying to bring us down. I was like you know what, women deserve a song that is like, ‘I love myself, and this is my body. You can’t tell me what to do with my body. It’s mine.’ This is to empower the everyday woman.”