With album art that features a still from the 1996 movie Romeo + Juliet, I can’t help but envision this track featuring in a modern day retelling of this classic set in modern day London with an all grime cast. Get Stormzy, Dave and Lady Leshurr involved and you’ve got a certified hit, but the first track on that soundtrack has to be Slew’s latest drop Berlin. You’ll soon become accustomed to his sickening flow as he fires off a flurry of blunt and honest lyrics over a booming beat that features a bass that will reverberate through your body effortlessly. The storytelling is the highlight of the track for me, you get the whole tale told to you in just under three minutes and by the end you feel as if you know these characters better than you do when you read the play in high school.

If you’re looking for a cracking new grime artist to dive head first into then I cannot recommend Slew enough. Dynamite flow, slick beats and fiery lyrics to tie it all together, he’s got that oomph that makes him pop.