Italian-born ethereal pop sensation transcends us with her captivating new single ‘Leave Me!’. Having grown up in a small Italian town near the Garda lake, HÅN soon started to craft her unique song writing style, mixing an experimental, dreamy production with pop-driven melodies whilst artistically always leaning towards darker melodies and ethereal soundscapes. While ‘Leave Me!’ starts off as a delicate number painted by reverbed ethereal keys and HÅN’s distinct vocal tone. The track turns up a gear in the chorus section with the addition of an explosive distorted bassline, thumping kick and snare samples along with HÅN’s gorgeous and at times sassy vocal performance, sonically reminiscent of The Weeknd’s 2011 viral single ‘High For This’. HÅN has found the perfect balance of creating her own sonic world with her darker-leaning production sounds whilst mixing that with her pop-sensibility in her vocal hooks and lyricism.

HÅN executes a perfect bridge section on ‘Leave Me!’, one that steers listeners from the track for a moment, a sonic diversion before returning back to the now-familiar dark R&B-inspired chorus section. The bridge features a retro, almost borderline eerie vocal chant of pitched vocal deliveries culminating in an enchanting section of the track. It is these moments in records, where an artist displays who they are. HÅN is certainly an artist who is not afraid to experiment and blend an array of sonic influences and genres to produce something that is both familiar but unique.