A little over a month ago now we brought in the new year, celebrating the end of another rather depressing year where lockdowns reigned supreme and bad news continuously flooded our social media timelines. Instead of rolling in a bath of self-pity because of this though the Manhattan native Alé has decided to celebrate where he is today, acknowledging all the melancholia and jubilation he’s experiencing in this moment in New Years. Through a soundscape of bombastic electronics akin to the modern hyperpop movement, intoxicating hooks that could’ve come straight from a Y2K pop anthem and a sense of carefree playfulness, this track is both impressively fresh yet oddly familiar. You go from these sweet bubbling verses to an ecstasy filled chorus with explosives synths overpowering the vocals, being reminiscent of blasting a track out of the speakers full volume with your friends singing every word without a single care. It’s stupidly wonderful and manages to capture the anxiety and joy the new year can bring through a production of punk-dream infused pop chaos.

Alé has managed to create a sound that’s best described as NSYNC collaborating with Brakence and Glaive. A maddening combination that’s produced some stellar results for this talented young artist.