Saying goodbye and letting go of people we care dearly about can be an arduous task for anyone to take on. Knowing they’re going away to somewhere new, moving onto a new life where you’re not in the picture or simply just drifting apart as the years go on, it becomes a desolate moment when without you even knowing it had been a forlorn conclusion. However, as Hanna Ögonsten softly sings with her celestial timbre, at every end is a new beginning and Goodbye My Darling is a beautiful ode to this.

With a sound that’s akin to a more stripped back take of Robyn’s iconic track Dancing On My Own, Ögonsten finds a somber joy within the sadness as her charmingly melodic production gently glides along as her voice dazzles like a diamond. Her delicate timbre perfectly encapsulates the vulnerable feeling of saying goodbye to someone, losing them from your life, mixed with an underlying feeling of content knowing that it’s a new beginning for them and hopefully for you too. The saudade lyrics wrap themselves around you in a cathartic moment that allows you to soak up your emotions, all before releasing them in a calming yet reinvigorating breath.