The 90’s era of emo music has made a massive resurgence over the past year or so with a plethora of talented musicians bringing the genres into the modern era and adding their own distinct twist to the iconic sounds of old. However, I don’t think any musician has quite captured the ethos of that era of music and the ethos behind it quite like the Toronto based band Heavy Sweater whilst still making it feel so naturally fresh for a new audience. Seriously, they’ve got a sound that could easily slot into any 90’s teen movie soundtrack and any modern CW show, whilst still being the perfect jam for any long car ride. Frayed Knot shows this in an instant, with carefree guitar melodies making you want to throw caution to wind and do something completely off-kilter, especially during the solo in the chorus, whilst smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. Then you’ve got the vocals that make you want to do the complete opposite because of they croon the juxtaposing lyrics that express anguish in beautifully painful fashion. They perform a fine balancing act, one side you’ve got the energetic production that’s life-affirming in every way, and on the other side you’ve got the heartbreak of the narrative. It’s done with such craftsmanship you’d think it was done by a top hitmaker, which makes it all the more enthralling.

Mitch, Michael and Lucas, this trio are helping revive a wonderfully nostalgic era of music through their own creative lens of honest lyrics and jubilant soundscapes. They’re only going to grow from here and I doubt it’ll be too long til we’re all dancing in the street to their addictive sound.