The Australian musician Heinzii has been around since early 2018 where he unveiled his debut mixtape to the world that introduced us all to his cinematic R&B sound that was like someone had taken the vocals for Michael Jackson and fused it together with a Frank Ocean production. Since then he’s been developing his signature soundscape that he describes as, “audible chocolate whilst under the influence of hallucinogens,” and after one listen to any track in his discography and you’ll know exactly what he’s talking about. With his woozy guitar melodies, spaced out beats and uniquely understated vocals blending together to create something rather enthralling, as is shown in his latest single Cat’s Outside.

As the melancholy vibes begin to take over and the poetic lyricisms creep their way into your heart you’ll slowly find yourself falling into his sonic universe where the emotions take a hold of your and refuse to let go. If Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was a song then this would be it, heck even if you listen to it whilst watching scenes from the movie you’ll soon grow a new appreciation for the talent Heinzii has. His previous releases have been strong but this is on an entirely new level.