WENS writes a different sort of fairy tale for pop. The artist hailing from Southern California, Iranian and Italian-American descent, has a natural ability to write music from an outsiders perspective that has seen her evocative sound connect with hundred of other outsiders in the world. Her left of centre brand of pop has already seen comparisons to the likes of Billie Eilish and BANKS but the reality is that WENS is an artist that’s sound is entirely her own. With gossamer melodies melting into her elegant vocals and ethereal soundscape you’ll find it hard not to fall into a beautifully blissful state whilst her music wraps itself around you.

Today she’s unveiled two new singles titled sad sad and giant bat that she explains explains, “goes out to anyone who’s ever tried to or is currently trying to make long distance work. it’s hard as heck but if i could go back in time, i’d still do it all again.” Both tracks carry an undeniable sense of melancholy to them but there’s also this gorgeous undertone that finds the beauty within this sadness, the beauty that although this relationship is a struggle it’s all worth it to experience their embrace once again. Her relatable lyrics are carried by her solemn vocal that makes this bittersweet tale feel all the more personal to the point where you’ll soon find yourself reaching for the tissues. Gorgeous stuff once again from WENS.