Whilst Nashville is primarily known for its staple country music, the past few years have seen a thriving pop scene develop from the Tennessee capital, with countless acts emerging with dynamic pop hooks and scintillating productions that were designed for your very own bedroom concerts. Herine is a prime example of this, with the artist appearing out of the blue with her debut single Favourite Things, a pop anthem designed to help you tackle the adversity of disassociating your most loved past times from a rather dreadful ex. From the off set, the buoyant production of effervescent synths gives off classic 80’s bops mixed with the jubilant nature of a Carly Rae Jepsen single, instantly juxtaposing the lyrics in glorious fashion. Contrasting the joy of the things she loves with the pain of thinking of her troublesome past allows us to dive straight into her psyche, seeing how her mind works during this turbulent time as she begins to rediscover her identity, with a mesmerising bridge at the end being her turning point.

This is a sublime slice of classic pop. It’s something you can blast out loud in your room, grab your hair brush and belt out the lyrics in a blissful moment of catharsis. Herine is setting her feelings free in a buoyant explosion of pop brilliance.