Hyperpop has slowly been entering the mainstream with a many well known artists beginning to showcase their own take on the genre. One of the most well documented has been Charli XCX and ever since then a wide raft of young musicians have been inspired by her to make Hyperpop their own. HYRA is one of these artists, taking her bubbly pop sound, comprising of effervescent synths and insatiable hooks, and elevating it to a whole new level with the same extravagant style she’s become known for.

REM (No Sleep) regales us with a relatable story, one of falling head over heels for someone to the point where they become a main character in your dream world. Becoming the person of your dreams in the most literal sense. An eccentric production of EDM build ups as it naturally blends into a traditional pop setting, followed swiftly by glitched electronics that emphasises her transition into this new era. Her powerful vocals, reminiscent of Cascada, command your attention as she belts out the multifaceted lyrics that evoke a vivid vision in your head of the scene at hand. HYRA’s keeps elevating herself higher and higher, it’s clear to why she’s so talked about.

“The track is about falling in love with somebody to the point that they’re present in your dreams. It’s the romanticisation of being with someone so adamantly that the ‘person of your dreams’ becomes your reality. REM paints the picture of fast nights infused with energetic and numbing love.”