With a powerful statement of intent, Yaz commands your attention and proudly proclaims that she’s here to rise to the top in her sophomore single. Her debut Mr. Valentine was a runaway success story, garnering the 19 year old musicians a fiercely loyal fanbase who’ve been praising her talents ever since. Blending together modern pop sensibilities with a nostalgic undertone, she offers us something that is both excitingly fresh and familiar, in a homely sense at the same time. It’s quite easy to see why people have been praising London’s upcoming Gen Z star and why she’s been cooking up a storm too.

Anymore is living proof of that statement, bringing out the Drum N Bass sound, that’s been going through a resurgence as of late, and pairing it with the luscious tone of her laidback vocal to form a harmonious connection. Her angelic timbre elegantly glides between the deep beats like Michelle Kwan on the ice, whilst her on-point lyrics give us insight into her relationship. As this goes on, her tentative beats continuously propel the piece forward, never letting us get bored for a second and become more enraptured by her sound. Include the colourful world of the urban landscape of London in the music video and you’ve got a true treat to indulge in.