It’s near impossible to fit illusion hills into a box, and that’s exactly what they want. The creative collective comprised of artists and digital curators refuse to box themselves in, consistently flexing their creative muscles through a multifaceted soundscape. Going from spoken word poetry over a classically inclined production and laidback indie anthems, to the expressive piece of lo-fi pop and fervent hip hop anthems you’ll be bumping to in the car as the bass reverberates through your speakers. They’re ambitious and each one of their eight members knows how to continually push the boundaries surrounding their craft. Need proof? Any track in their discography will demonstrate this, but if you’re looking for somewhere to start then it’s time for you to hop right into weirdo.

The hook alone is something you’ll be casually humming under your breath on the bus, but as their dynamic, rhythmic rapping ebbs and flows into one another you begin to see the beauty behind their madness. They take any expectations already put in place from their previous releases and blow them completely out of the water. With a booming bassline that reverberates through your body as if you were in the middle of a club dance floor that compliments their charisma filled delivery and high octane energy that they always bring to the table, it’s clear to see they’re not a flash in the pan, they’re the opposite. They’re a supernova lighting up the sky in a vibrant display of colours that reflects the diversity of their sound.