You might’ve heard Charlie Oriain earlier this year through his collaboration with Ber titled Meant to Be, a single that instantly became a tearjerker favourite and soundtracked countless late night crying sessions after a break up where you were convinced it was meant to be. With that description alone, it becomes quite clear that the Isle of Wight native has an knack for crafting emotionally devastating songs and his first solo single Miss The Rest proves that to be true. As his tender acoustic guitar melodies form an intimate soundscape, his introspective lyrics will soon have you reaching for the tissues as he slowly lulls you into his narrative of falling back into an unhealthy relationship. It’s not him looking at it in the moment, instead he’s looking back with a fresh perspective, realising how she had these amazing parts about her that he misses, but the rest is less that to be desired. It’s got that Ed Sheeran vibe during his + era about it, simple songwriting done beautifully well that leaves an instant impression and allows you to find apart of yourself within it.

This is just the beginning of Charlie Oriain’s artistic journey, but it’s certainly one that could lead to many marvellous pieces of melancholia filled music that will soundtrack any moment where the world around us seems to be falling apart. Be warned, don’t wear make up whilst listening to his music unless you want mascara running down your face.