Mamadou. is one of the best wordsmiths around right now. The artist knows how inject his personal feelings, be it the ones he keeps inside his head or those which he lets out for the world to hear, through a flurry of poetically insightful lyrics that consistently leave me in awe. His previous single heaven’s home // SLUMS remains one of the highlights of the rap calendar this year for me, with the way he weaved so many emotions in a singular track being a true marvel to behold. He continues this swiftly with Hues, a track that fuses R&B and hip hop together in a sangfroid soundscape that’ll soon leave you captivated by his story. He gives ample breathing room to his lyrics about his conversation the Divine, allowing each individual word to hit you with emotional weight of a Mike Tyson punch, leaving you on the floor in a dazed fever-dream being mesmerised by what just happened. It’s intimate, elegant and a shining example of what this young poet is capable of doing.

His music is a blessing and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will continue to shine long into 2022. Dive into his discography and admire his raw talent for yourself and how he’s able to turn any subject matter into a lyrical masterpiece.

“The song, Hues., is a conversation, both internal and with the Divine, Allah, in my search for solace. As a 22-year-old first-generation Malian-American, recently graduating from college has presented its difficulties. I’ve found myself lost in the nuances of systemic 9-5s, traditional expectations for my immigrant parents versus my artistic aspirations. So, this song is a plead, a return to Allah for guidance as I embark on this new chapter.”