Saint Louis, MO-bred rapper Hurt Hall just launched his career in style by releasing two powerful EPs titled Community Service and Fall Baby. The EP Community Service’s collection of 5 tracks were imagined in collaboration with Nelson Santana. 

His other EP, Fall Baby, also features Nelson Santana, but only in the last of the 5 tracks it lists. The common denominator between both these EP’s is clearly Hurt Hall’s abilities to create relatable joints that often stem from his personal experiences and sharp mindset. 

Raised by a single mom, Hurt Hall attended high school in Clearwater Florida where he had to adapt to the southern lifestyle, an easy process since he had early-on developed a love for southern groups like TRU and Outkast. 

After dropping out of high school, he was forced to move back to Saint Louis where he became addicted to writing raps and walking around with notebooks. His versatility and many influences, ranging from Beanie Sigel to Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Juvenile, Hurt Hall has found his own distinct lane in rap. Seasoned with a proven pen, his music contains all the ingredients to foresee a rapid rise to the top by this extremely talented soul.