If you’ve ever been to see the Louvre in Paris, France and seen the Mona Lisa up close for the first time, then you know damn well how completely underwhelming the experience is. Yes it’s seen as a fantastic artistic marvel, but it just completely lacks that insane feeling people often say the moment you see it in person is. In enters j solomon who had the same experience and decided to pen a song thats hits on themes of capitalism, growing up, and the false narrative ‘making it’ can often breed. Safe to say, he’s absolutely nailed it here.

Named after the very painting he saw, Mona Lisa is one half teen angst filled adolescent dream about rebelling against the system and giving corporate America the biggest middle finger a live and the other half is a Y2K rockers dream in sonic form. It’s a stadium anthem in the making with an early 2000’s feel, channelling the classic Tony Hawks Skater soundtracks with a dash of rebellious energy coming from the foreboding nature of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack. I can already envision a crowd of people belting back, “It takes some money to make more money you gotta get some money if you wanna get out of here,” with the same amount of annoyance and frustration as he’s doing. So instead of travelling thousands of miles to see the Mona Lisa, just listen to this banger as the experience is more than worth it!