Exhilarating, boisterous, rambunctious, intense, fresh, there’s countless words that can be used to describe Sydney-based, Korean-Australian rap outfit 1300. They’re taking the Australian scene by storm, cementing themselves as an act who’s revitalising the countries budding hip hop scene all whilst maintaining a sharp lyrical wit and their creative ingenuity. Flipping languages in a rapid fire motion between Korean and English, they immediately stand out and have an obscene amount of power to make you stop what you’re doing and take notice of their fervent sound.

With their latest release Oldboy they raise the bar yet again not only sonically but also with their visuals as they give the movie Oldboy by Park Chan-wook a 1300 feel. The energy of the single is unmatched, with a high octane delivery that sees them fire a flurry of impactful lyrics at you in a rapid fire motion as the exuberant production matches them beat for beat. Booming hip hop beats litter the soundscape with explosive electronics reminiscent of hyperpop backing them up, making this feel like a 100 Gecs meets Kanye West collaboration. Then you’ve got the visuals shot by Videohead (Phil Fresh, Lil Spacely, Mel Bailey) and directed by Raghav Rampal that elevate this track even further with the utterly outstanding cinematography and countless amounts of action put on display. Hop onto this group ASAP.