Jack Harris has recently burst onto the scene out of nowhere. Within the first three years of his official releases, none of his songs have reached over 12,000 streams. Fast forward to today, his past two releases have garnered over 40,000 streams a piece. 

The official music video for this song was shot and edited alone by Harris, and is meant to give a name to the anxiety that a lot of us are facing. Through the metaphor of a Giant Spider, Jack looks to face his greatest fears and anxieties head on, and dances with the subject throughout the course of the song. He does so through a catchy hook, one that plays the role of jokes that we would watch on TV growing up. It’s one for kids to love because of its cartoon-like feel, and one for those of us who have matured to fully understand its message. 

After performing this song for months and workshopping it to find the right version, he has built a local following around this song before it was released, and has finally landed on the right sound. This is just the first track to come out from his impending five song EP, and surely starts off his release calendar on the right note.