If you’re not keeping up with Mark Richards it’s time to get on board. He’s consistently delivering beautiful indie tracks graced by gorgeous instrumentals and guitars. If you can’t tell from the music Mark is from Fort Myers, Florida clearly inspired by the tropical solitude of a quaint beach town nestled in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s creating carefree tunes for your summer playlist, specifically, a sunset walk along the shore. Let’s unpack his latest track “On A Beach (live & stripped)”. 

This is the product of everything I’ve already mentioned, the indie vibes, tropical-influenced production, and genuine storytelling of his beach town upbringing. The harmonious unity of his perfectly authentic vocals and the live acoustics of the guitar make for a dreamy delivery. The lyrics are meaningful you can hear the genuinity in the tone of his voice. The simplicity of the track elevates it, it’s as if he’s just sat on a beach with his guitar singing exactly what he’s feeling. 

In the simplest words, this track is peaceful. You can listen to it on any occasion. It’s a sanguine tune that makes you feel present, the world stops for a moment while it plays. I can’t get past the summertime nostalgia of the music, it makes your best memories return as you listen. These lyrics showcase his songwriting abilities as he’s truly painted a picture with each and every line. 

Honestly, this might be my favorite of his so far, but there is definitely more amazing music to come! Add “On A Beach” to your go-to summer playlist, and listen whenever you want to escape for a bit. Dive deeper into Mark Richard’s current catalog for more beautiful tunes to add to your favorites.