I’ve become accustomed to seeing Jack Kane’s name and immediately getting ready to listen to an addictive piece of alternative pop with a funk undertone that easily gets my body moving and mind distracted from the world around me. However today is a bit different, today we see him deliver a heart-wrenching ballad that’ll have you reaching for the tissues and wondering why he hasn’t been hired as the lead musician for John Lewis’s next Christmas advert already. Yup, Come To Terms is a devastating rollercoaster ride that plays with your emotion like a fiddle as he paints a melancholic image through his expressive lyricisms that you’ll soon find elements of your own life within. Reminiscent of Billy Joel, Kane makes it clear that he’s able to craft an entire narrative that leaves us on the edge of our seats where his enchanting piano playing forms a sonic wonderland that allows us to experience a sweet cathartic release. His arresting vocal ties it all together in one neat bow and leaves you wondering if he’s going to have us crying or dancing with his next release. Who knows, he might even be able to do both!

Feeling vintage yet modern and classic yet forward thinking, Jack Kane is becoming a true songwriting gem in the UK scene. His writing talent is something be admired and you should definitely be watching him closely.