Hailing from the suburbs of DC Jacob Daley began to make a name for himself in his local community by doing sold out basement shows and releasing a plethora of tunes onto soundcloud (over 50), all before graduating high school. These humble beginnings saw the making of something brilliant as Daley began to blur the lines on what genre truly meant as he experimented with different sounds, production stylings and vocal deliveries to make his soundscape something completely unique. His infectious melodies and relatable lyrics have seen him garner a strong fanbase that has lead his previous release like Let It Ring get a lot of love and his latest release Couple Rounds looks to do the same.

“‘Couple Rounds’ is about having fun with friends and finding solace in routine when so many things in life are changing,” The 19 year old musician begins to explain. “Jacob captures the feeling shared by so many teenagers that sometimes, you just want to do the same thing with the same people every single night — and that’s okay, because you’re having fun.”

The buoyant production has this early 90’s house feel to it mixed with the insatiable groove that made funk so popular during the early 1970’s but the true star of the show here is Daley’s rapping. His fervent flow mixed with the amount of character he injects into his playful and jubilant lyricisms gives his sound so much personality that it takes on an entity of it’s own. By listening to his music you get an idea of who Daley is as a person, from his likes and dislikes to his ideals and dreams, you begin to discover who he is because of his candid storytelling ability. He’s DC’s next big rising star.