Are you suffering from fatigue or fellow a little sad lately? It is unfortunate, but it is a feeling that people most have these days. A lot is going on in the world, and most of it isn’t uplifting. If you are tired of being depressed, and you want to get back into the groove of happiness, or something similar, there may be hope. Call a friend, reminisce about your happier moments, motivate one another to work on something creative, or check out Ghana artist EL’s lead single from his forthcoming album ‘WAVS’. The Ga, Twi, and pidgin-spoken record promotes dancing and will get your heart rate going, which is often synonymous with activating your endorphins, or feel-good brain chemicals. Listen to the PeeOnTheBeat produced track below. ‘WAVS’ stands for ‘West African Vibes’, and the album will come out next year.