The best thing about artists like Jacob Daley is that you never know what you’re going to get. This artist consistently shows off a different facet of his skill set with every release, he manages to blur the lines between genres by experimenting with these different soundscapes, managing to flip effortlessly between alternative hip hop, funk, disco, pop, jazz and a plethora of other genres with such style that it’s hard not to be impressed. This 20 year old from DC is changing the game and excels at creating infectious melodies with relatable lyrics as his latest track demonstrates.

Leading Me On features a consistently shifting soundscape with a buoyant array of synths as Daley pines over someone who he knows is unavailable but still gets lead astray by them. Despite it focusing on a languishing subject matter the track never loses its upbeat energy, you feel like you can move, groove and dance like nobody is watching to this single whilst simultaneously belting out the lyrics for all to hear because they hit harder that you thought they would.

“I don’t really know of a big pop song that’s about being led on, which is why I wrote it,” Daley begins to explain. “I want people to really enjoy it and play it loud in a car, but also scream the lyrics of the hook because they feel like they can relate to it without losing the uptempo energy of the song”