Throughout 2020 Siena Liggins has consistently been raising the bar with her music, every tracks she’s released has been better than the last with her being able to go from jubilant numbers like Perfect or pop bangers like Looks Don’t Lie, she’s never failed to leave us begging for more. Her talent is a pleasure to behold and her incredibly witty lyricisms have us belting out her hooks at max volume and silently chuckling to ourselves whenever her music begins to play. However I did never expect her to come up with the hook, “pineapple topenga bicycle power ranger,” and it be so damn brilliant that I’ve had it in my head for so long I’m fairly certain I’d need an excavation team to get it out.

Safeword is a track where Liggins tongue is placed firmly in her cheek with an array of amusing safe words being used throughout that many are probably going to add to their repertoire all whilst a sultry undertone in the production gives off a unique atmosphere that is hard not to fall for. Liggins has had an outstanding 2020 and she ends it all on a glorious high today with this track that I am certain I’ll be playing on repeat for many weeks and months to come.