The title of jacob geoffrey and aldrch’s latest collaboration gives you an instant indication of what this track is going to sound like. Yup, one listen to their heart pumpingingly good and rebelliously carefree single coming of age movie will make you feel like the main character in your very own adolescent tale. From the electric guitars that make you want to throw caution to the wind, leave your home town and drive off into the unknown knowing you’ll never look back, to the drums that propel you from a casual walk into a break neck sprint, this production is truly top notch in every way shape and form. The vocals, with slight electronic distortion that adds a certain flavour to the expressive single, add amplify the reckless abandonment the soundscape instills in you, making every carefree moment feel like a cinematic marvel. It manages to capture the essence of the early 90’s mentality surrounding the freedom pop punk acts like Blink 182 brought but isn’t afraid to add it’s own individual take on the genre. Instilling a hyperpop edge that sets the piece alight has me playing it over and over again.

Add this to your main character playlist and blast it out of your car stereo with your friends. It’ll make every moment feel all the more grand and taste all the sweeter.