With a debut single that made you feel like you were floating on air as her intricate storytelling spun a tale of contrasting elements in yin to yang, runo plum had me on tenterhooks months ago and she’s done it once again with her latest dual single release. With production assistance from philip brooks, an artist we’ve covered countless times on this site, Arms Open Wide and Tacky Landlord are prime examples of the elegance her songwriting can bring. Reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers in many ways, each word her liquid gold vocal croons feels like a wave of emotional devastation washing over and pummelling you with her relatable honesty. The craft behind her work is something to be admired, with her being the type of artist who produces such spellbinding work from the comfort of her bedroom that it makes me question why I’m not doing the same! The lyrics, her music, the singing, it’s just a sublime piece of magic.

I highly recommend diving into runo plum if you’re a fan of Phoebe Bridgers, Taylor Swift during her Folklore era, Julien Baker and any other emotional powerhouse female songstresses out there. You might require a box of tissues nearby but the music is more than worth the tears.