Jaish is proving to the be the crown jewel in Bournemouth’s underground grime scene. Creating music with a high amount of emphasis on melodies so catchy that you’ll need on excavation crew to remove them from your head, music is its own form of self expression for the 20 year old. Since he was knee high the young artist was drawn to music, writing lyrics down on a regular basis and keeping them hidden, not having the belief within himself to share his art with the world. However over the past few years that’s all changed, the artist has grown in confidence and become a force to be reckoned with because not only does he now believe in his sound, hundreds upon thousands of fans now believe in it. He’s an artist who’s rising up with the best and his EP Declaration is testament to this, but there was one track that I’ve been hooked on since it dropped.

A cold flow unlike any other that pulls you straight into his sonic world, thriving beats that reverberate through your body, an expressive array of forthright lyrics and stellar visuals tying it all together, Indecisive is outstanding from start to finish. No matter what happens throughout my day I always find myself coming back to this number. Each individual element has come together in this glorious collision of epic proportions, creating a euphonic sound that effortlessly captures where the heart of the British grime scene lies. The whole Declaration project is fire, but this track is the cherry on top.