PERCE LENARD has dropped a single with a drop that goes so hard I’m certain we’ll be seeing countless artists remixing it for the club scene in no time flat. The artist has already dropped a flurry of independent singles over the past year or so and has released some banging tracks as apart of the rapidly growing collective BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD, who’ve been featured in our playlists countless times. Based on all of this, another stellar track was always on the cards and he’s smashed it out of the park, hit a home run and shown his class with this new single.

BLURRED LINES (not the creepy Robin Thicke version) opens with a Spanish influenced guitar riff before a warped vocal enters the fray, distorted out over the soundscape as booming electronic begins to emerge and make their presence know. Then this slick drop occurs, the vocals begin to glitch out and skip beats to add to the slick flavour the electronics are offering whilst giving you more than enough time to get into the vibe this track is putting down. All before a slightly somber bridge, the high pitched vocals lower their tone and the atmosphere become more funereal to let the emotion hit, then comes the grand finale where the electronically altered vocals arrive again for a high octane end. Coming in at one minute and thirty seconds, this is short but so damn sweet.