When you hear the music of jame minogue you instantly think of summer. There’s no question about it. You listen to Santiago and you’re already out the door running to the nearest beach you can find, you pop on Hace Mucho in the car and you’re changing your route to work by going on a plane to head off to the nearest tropical island you can find. This is only enhanced by the artists charismatic vocal delivery, being able to confidently croon with the personality of a born showman as he flicks between English and Spanish lyrics to bridge his two cultures together. Summer just doesn’t feel right anymore without a jame minogue song playing in the background.

Well today it’s time to enter another summer daydream again as he unveils the music video for the pop funk fiesta that is You’re Thinking of Me. Capturing the vibrant melodies this track contains through a playful aesthetic, showcased through minogue’s ability to own a camera with his exuberant dance performance. Be prepared to see those moves at any live show the artist does this summer. The relatable narrative deliver will have you smiling like a Cheshire Cat and the cherry on top is the lyrics that feature an array of hooks you’ll likely be humming under your breath for weeks to come.