If Zinadelphia was born in the bygone era of the early 1920’s where jazz was unrivalled or the 1960’s where Motown’s prominence became incomparable she would be one of the biggest artists around. There’s no question in my mind about that. Her voice is liquid platinum, every note oozes evocative passion with it carrying the emotional weight of the world through a flurry of celestial notes that will leave you speechless. I can’t begin to sing my praises of her voice because it sends shivers down my spine every single time I hear it. The rasp she has, the passion, the rapturous powers, it’s hard not to find every bit of it so mesmerisingly euphonic. Her collection of TikToks will only demonstrate this further, with countless videos showcasing her live vocal prowess in stunning fashion. But it’s her single Mirrorball that currently has people consistently coming back for more.

Compared to a lot of tracks in this space these days, Zinadelphia doesn’t require a large big band track to hold your attention. She’s able to do it with the mere power of her voice and narrative that enthrals you from start to finish, transporting you to a whole new world in the process that is hard to describe. Each note melts into one another with such beauty that you slowly become enraptured in her sonic world, never wanting leave and finding her music becomes the soundtrack of your life. It’s simply a spellbinding single that cements Zinadelphia as an artist you don’t want to miss.