Jean Dawson is an artist who isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Each track he drops is a new iteration of himself, consistently transforming his soundscape into alternative rock, hip hop, funk, pop punk, whatever genre he’s feeling in this new version of himself. He’s a radical artist with an avant-garde state of mind, theorising where the many layers of his sonic story can go with his unconventional mindset and innate ability to produce off-kilter music that’s seen him develop a cult like fanbase. One listen to his discography and you’ll be enamoured by his sound like countless others before you, so be prepared for another rollercoaster ride of dramatic proportions with latest frenzied drop.

Transitioning between three different sounds that all connect to one another, Three Heads is an art piece in and of itself. From funk based rhythms, hard rock guitars and alternative vocals tying it all together, we see the different personalities of Dawson in an incessant battle to find out who he really is. This journey is chaotic, unorthodox, and disruptive but that’s what makes it so unfathomably hypnotic. We’ve all had this battle to discover who we truly are, be it during our teen years where went through the ‘its not phase mom’ portion of our life, reinventing ourselves when we went to college or the our current self in the workplace. Anarchic in its delivery you instantly understand what Dawson is on about through his passionate delivery and as you watch the masterful music video, you can’t help be in awe and feel a connection to watch you’re witnessing.