I’ve often said that if you can captivate an audience with just your voice and a singular instrument then you’ve got that something special. Jack Kays has proved that with his entire discography. Rarely ever requiring any other form of instrumentation, the artist lets his musicality, passionate and vivid lyrical imagery do the talking as he hauls you into the evocative world he expertly crafts. In the dead of night you turn your lights off, pull your blinds shut, hit play and as his music takes a hold of you, you feel your body exorcising all your negative feelings in a moment of blissful catharsis. You know you’re going on an emotional rollercoaster when he sings, so what more would you expect from the evocative single Wish You Well.

Framing the scene, Kays expels lyrics about moving on from your childhood as you slowly realise things weren’t all what they appeared to be. Nostalgia can often cloud our vision with rose tinted glasses where all the red flags of our youth just look like flags, Kays throws caution to wind however and examines his youth with a microscopic lens to unveil a pain he never saw before. His voice cracks with the heartache he’s project as the pain cascades down up on you, bringing you deeper into his mindset as the intimate guitar melody pulls down your defences and lets you bare witness to his suffering. It’s impactful, spellbinding and one of his best tracks to date.