Ever since she dropped see you later (ten years) Jenna Raine has been on a meteoric rise with the young Gen Z starlet continually dropping singles that have unreal amounts of high replay value. If I had to liken her to anyone it’d be Taylor Swift during her early years, she’s currently in her debut / Fearless era and as she progresses I’m certain she’ll continue to traverse the industry and plant her foot firmly at the front of the scene. Her brand of pop is fine balancing act, taking hard-hitting emotional lyrics that pierce through your soul and precariously stabilising it with the thrilling pop production that can either raise your spirits, or let you have a moment of catharsis.

Today is more about empowering, raising a middle finger high into the air for the breakups from the past, and letting them know how badly they’ve Fumbled The Bag. She lifts you out of the pit of sadness you’ve been wallowing in and propels you up into the sky with her compelling vocal, giving you perspective to see that your ex was the one to mess up , not you. With a chorus made for screaming into your hairbrush and unfiltered diaristic lyrics flowing out, it can be seen why Raine has become a late night cry soundtrack favourite. Include a visual that’s a modern You Belong With Me and it’s another home run from this young musician.

“‘Fumbled the Bag’ was inspired by two of my close friends who had breakups before the summer. I wanted to write a song that captures how terribly these guys fumbled the bag. It’s meant to help them realise that their ex is the one who messed up, not them.”