A few weeks ago Ice Spice dropped one of the best drill songs of the summer and it’s been firmly in my heavy rotation ever since. Born and raised in the Bronx, this artist has been making her way through New York’s renowned drill scene for sometime. From her fervent freestyles, heart-thumpingly killer sickening beats, dynamic flow with a cold as ice demeanour and stylish lyrics, she’s developed a name for herself that’s been on everyone’s lips. Now she’s ready to begin conquering the entirety of the USA with a fire track you’ll be bumping along to in your car, vibing with on the tube and humming under your breath.

Munch (Feelin’ U) shows that she has buckets of potential. Her clean delivery with a calm composure makes every word stick with you, you can’t get that insatiable hook out of your head after one listen and by the third listen you’ll have memorised it beat for beat. The production goes hard, never taking away from her performance but instead enhancing it and making you become more enthralled by her display. However, it’s her voice that’s the star of the show. There’s an aura surrounding her tone that pulls you into her world, before to long you’ll realise you’ve listened to her song fifteen times whilst being in a trance. Her name is Ice Spice because she’s as cool as they come and damn does she bring the heat.