From the song to the music video, Jonathan Bree’s latest number is an ode to the 80’s and would’ve easily been a smash hit in that era. Exuding the charm of a John Hughes movie track, Miss You, featuring Princess Chelsea and the hit-making disco legend Nile Rodgers, is a funk driven disco extravaganza and an emotional tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Miss You is a tale of longing and separation that serves as the thematic centrepiece of Bree’s forthcoming fifth studio album, Pre-Code Hollywood, due out digitally on April 14th. The lyrics ooze melancholia, allowing the listener to insert themselves within the story to reflect on their own feelings of detachment and yearning. Best described as a disco driven Fleetwood Mac, the tension between the two vocalists is palpable. Bree’s and Chelsea’s performance is enthralling, the pronounced connection is the equivalent of witnessing a hushed argument between lovers. Searing love mixed with mutual respect and distain.

The visuals only add to the narrative further. Take these two characters and put them on stage on a Top of the Pops themed TV show, the drama, tension, and love makes for fantastic viewing. Daisy Jones & The Six move aside, I want to watch this story.